Far Away, But At The Same Time Close.

A thousand miles,
Is as nothing, to us.
For our love,
Extends across an ocean.
There is no-one,
Closer to my heart,
Than you.
You are with me,
I am a willing puppet,
To your seductive strings.
You are my angel,
Given to me,
To love and adore.
You make my life, better,
And my heart, happy.
You give me motivation,
When my own deserts me.
You opened my eyes,
I didnt know they were shut.
A thousand encounters,
I've imagined with you.
Each one,
Better than the last.
A picnic spent,
On a warm day,
A soft breeze,
Caressing your hair.
As I,
Caress your face.
I wish for that moment,
To be eternal.
With all my heart and soul,
May it come true.
SDuWarriorInf SDuWarriorInf
36-40, M
May 28, 2012