~ Wise Prize ~

"Is youth the price 
Of wisdom?" I asked the yogi.
"Depends," said he,
"On how you yearn or aspire.
Like the flower of awareness,
It takes time to acquire."

"Without desire to know,"
(he continued)
"Youth can still be spent.
A life wasted, growing little,
Wondering where wisdom went.
In that case, the price was paid
And the prize was naught."

"So then, the prize of wisdom
Is exchanged for desire and intent?"
(I queried further)
"Youth just happens to fade
No matter how the trail's bent." (I added)

 "Even then," (he smiled)
"The prize is fleeting,
As each level of wisdom
Reveals another yet to be sought.
'Tis not the paying that matters
But whether more passion is bought."

"An exponential desire
To continue to learn,"
(I mused out loud)
"To enfold each level
Of wisdom  
And have more to discern."

"The prize of wisdom,"
(he concluded)
"Is in knowing 
It's part 
Of your growing,
And even a flower 
Must be willing to bloom."
Connifer/@Copyright 1-2000
Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
Jun 2, 2012