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Long Distance Love

Miles of empty air between us,
We still manage to love.
Through time and space,
The affection finds its way.
Words cannot take the place
Of physical contact.
But somehow,
Love finds a way.
stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper 51-55, M 12 Responses Jun 8, 2012

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i don't know if love manage to find a way but i'm sure that eros find a way...risk so i can have you...mayby this belong to the past i can't tell,i personal don't take risks anymore,your poem just made me think thank you for sharing!

Straight from the heart....

Short and sweet...lovely poem..:)


Love finds a way. So beautiful and so true.

this is beautiful...


A lovely poem, expressing the sentiment of many these days, I'm sure. Love always does find a way, somehow.

i liked it i now what you are saying love is eternall it never dies that is what separates us from anamils sorey about the spelling

beautiful :)

Thank you so very much. Your words are simple and heartfelt. It is true. Love you too!

poor...but honest

Finally Maj says something kind. He DOES have a heart. Wonder if he went to the wizard to get one?LOL! Atta boy, Maj. kisses...

I actually took it as an insult. lol Poor?