Lamenting Of "kings"

Lamenting of “kings”

The perversity of chaos
The guilty indulgence
The relinquishing of lust
And the death of us.

I'm longing for justification
To draw blood
I'm aching for man's assumed laws
To be washed out in the flood

I can't wait for royalty,
To fall on its knees.
And finally repent,
Because of truth it sees.
For the souls that it controls
To kill it where it sits.
And cease the power that always did
Belong to us and never it.

for survival.
Honest men
turned homicidal.
When good slaves turn bad
There is much to be had.
And true debt to be paid
By those who've enslaved

Money won't buy a second back,
Let alone a lifetime.

The lamenting of “kings”
Would be victory.
RefuseResist RefuseResist
31-35, M
Jun 17, 2012