The Girl In The Mirror

I have so little to give, I mean, I’m not rich or tall and I’m not the slimmest either
Frankly I wouldn’t know the difference between a lilly and a Tulip, isn’t that silly!
Yes it’s a damn shame! I guess I’m just not that romantic,,,,,, Yet still my heart beats for that Romeo and Juliet romance, and I STILL want flowers in a gift basket!
Oh and add it with some chocolate, if it worked for forest Gumps girl, why wouldn’t it work on me?
I’m a girl, so I should be moved like a earthquake naturally moves the biggest of all mountains, by romantic gestures and a gentleman would cause my heart to erupt, right out of my own chest, right? Enough dreams
Back to what I was saying, my sweet days of reality!
I would sweep you off your feet’s and twirl you in the rain, but I’m just not that athletic, and I’d probably drop you on the first second......
Gosh, I could stare at you for hours on end and admire the features on your face and the silly shy expressions you put on display
Those silly gestures you make always work like a charm as I chuckle along and forget what on earth was on my mind?.... Oh well, never mind, I want to enjoy the sparkle in your eyes!
I’d hold your stomach and hug you near, whisper silently “sshh, shh, It's okay, it's okay, i love you too!” ............ So tender, so warm, so loving and so sweet, like the sun you are radiating vast amount of capability to love
So powerful, so loyal and consistent, will you ever share it with anyone other than me......?
Will you allow different pair of eyes to observe what I observe, would you tenderly return their kiss with sincere comfort as you return mine?
Will you ever be able to pull out your heart, with blood, auras and veins all attached, blindly driven mad by the love and you mutually place it in the hand of someone else as they place theirs onto yours!?
What is wrong?..... I can feel your palms getting warm
Where are your going?.............. I can see your eyes drifting away
Listen to me, Listen to me!!!!…… do not go! You can’t go on like this anymore!
Hear the voices, “I love you, I love you, i love you, i love you !!!” they all said.... See the pain in their face painted with your actions....
You have so much to give, but yet, you gave so little
And each time, you've returned to me, you returned like a wounded deer, endlessly professing to me what you couldn’t profess back to anyone else
And thus, we are back to square one,,,,Me again staring into the mirror……… like a fool, I give myself the comfort and loving i need.......... I’d hold my stomach and hug myself near, whisper silently “shhh, shh, It's okay, it's okay, i love you too!"
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3 Responses Jun 20, 2012

That was a deep & beautiful poem, I just hope you don't have to be this way forever.

Part of love is learning, unfortunately. I think of it as practice until you get it just right. You'll get it just right soon :)

when they love you they dont leave, move on!!