I Found Some Faith But I Still Dont Believe

is it ok that i want to get on my knees and pray,
even though i dont believe in him.

is it alright if i feel like i want i have a shred of faith,
even though i lost my faith long ago.

is it strange that i want some peace in my mind,
even though be wont hear my cry.

is it different that i feel like i have found some hope,
even though i gave all of that up.

is it sad that i want him to hear my voice,
even though he has never helped me before.

is it bad that i want a little salvation,
even though it wasnt him that gave me my freedom.

is it good that i still feel like i owe him somthing,
even though i earned it myself.

is it hard to believe that i have found a worthy goal,
even though he had nothing to do with it.

is it difficult to understand that i still feel as if a part of him is always there,
even though i let his hand go and let him slip my mind.
thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
Jul 1, 2012