Living Through The Pain

I see a beautiful world,
that i walk through alone,
with a child to raise,
and a heart turning to stone.

My heart sometimes brakes
and i feel all the pain,
of wanting to be part of a beautiful world,
that i'll never be part of again.

My child has his mother,
her and only her,
a dead father he may never remember,
and the family they once were.

We both grow up without a father,
even though they watch us from above,
it was a pain i did not want my child to have,
of not feeling a fathers love.

In my heart i know im cursed,
but i've never understood why,
what did i do to deserve this pain?
will it carry on after i die?

I'll live through the pain if,
you dont bring my son down the same path as mine,
he's living through the first chapter of my pain,
but let the rest of his life be fine.
misshideaway misshideaway
22-25, F
Jul 4, 2012