Heaven Got a New Angel ( Dedicated to Tiffany)

Tonight Looking at the stars
I see Heaven open Up.
I hear my Angels Singing
For Heaven Just got a new
Angel. Spread your Wings
Girl Fly High. For When I see
You again I want to hear
All about your Journey to
Our heavenly home.

When I see the rain
Fall I want to Hear your
Voice Singing Beautiful
Harmony. For I know
Heaven is Smiling down
That just Got a New Angel
And that Angel was you
baby girl. You made it
To the Hand of God
And I know he will
Take care of you.

So I will look to heaven
And I will see the beauty Of
it all for your with The main Man
and No more Pain, And Weary
Well weary Is Nothing In the eyes
Of God Rest With him For
it won't be long before
I see my Angel again
until then Please Sing
Loud and Proud For
I know you Have the voice
And Heaven will be glad
To Hear that voice

So no more tears From
down here For i know
heaven Got a new angel
That Angel Was you
For you were here for
A short while And
Inspired me to be
What i am So tonight
I will lay me down to Sleep
The Angel is what I will seek.
Heaven Got a new Angel and it was You.

matthewsmommy matthewsmommy
18-21, F
5 Responses Jun 13, 2008

Awe sweetie Thank you!!

A beautiful tribute for your friend.

damn. wow~! seriously? holy hell it would take me like a few freaking hours.

10 minutes

you're so talented. that's beautiful. how long did it take you to write that?