Is The Truth A Lie?

What is a lie?
What is the truth?
Should i listen to my gut?
or should i listen to you?

You said you wouldn't be long,
and you were gone all day,
you gave me your excuse,
yet my mind says "dont believe what they say"

All the things you could have really done,
where do i start?
the things that play in my mind,
the thoughts brake my heart.

I really want to believe you,
and not be the type to always want to know where your at,
i want to believe i am your one and only,
and you'd never dream of hurting me like that.

But my last love was based on lies,
and it killed the faith i had in men,
so i dont know what is truth and what is lies,
all i know is i dont want to go through it again.
misshideaway misshideaway
22-25, F
Jul 10, 2012