This Is The Day

I have waited so long
To hear your voice
Whisper sweet nothing into my ear
Running your fingers down my body
Kissing me so gently

I have waited so long
To feel you agianst me
But now the time has come
And i am not longer sure
I dont want this, not at all

I have waited so long
And now the time is now
And my thoughts are crushed all my thoughts of this moment
Memories boiling to the surface as the scars from my past catch flame
I never thought it would come so soon

Youre ready and i am not
Cowering in the corner, mind corrupted by the memories i try so hard to leave behind
I cant do this
Im sorry
Not now

SilentlyLost SilentlyLost
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 10, 2012

I like this its really wonderful :)