My Heart Falls

My Heart Falls

Skips a couple of beats

My breathe stops

With sudden silence

My eyes tear

My skin grows warm

Remembering when I see

What used to be

Then a heavy fog rolls in

It weighs me down

Down onto the ground

Deeper my heart falls

No smiles now

Just rush of solemn pain

I long for sweet the day

Lightly the rain again

aeh 2/7/2012

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sxynshy sxynshy
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 14, 2012

Wow your poetry actually puts visions in my head . Very nice you're very talented.

Why thank you very much, I appreciate that.

aaaww very nice poem! lovely! hugs

OMG <br />
<br />
Who does that?<br />
and then takes the time to say so too?<br />
You have lifted me today,... in ways you could not know<br />
<br />
divine <br />
<br />
and thank you