My Heart Falls

My Heart Falls

Skips a couple of beats

My breathe stops

With sudden silence

My eyes tear

My skin grows warm

Remembering when I see

What used to be

Then a heavy fog rolls in

It weighs me down

Down onto the ground

Deeper my heart falls

No smiles now

Just rush of solemn pain

I long for sweet the day

Lightly the rain again

aeh 2/7/2012

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sxynshy sxynshy 36-40, F 4 Responses Jul 14, 2012

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Wow your poetry actually puts visions in my head . Very nice you're very talented.

Why thank you very much, I appreciate that.

aaaww very nice poem! lovely! hugs


Who does that?

and then takes the time to say so too?

You have lifted me today,... in ways you could not know


and thank you

Yesterday I heard the rain whispering your name........asking where You'd gone?

It fell softly from the clouds on the silent coast as i wandered on.