Sterling Crimson Of Unity

Boundaries and thoughts a waving frailty; that once were caged,
Now breathe through hallowed ground
A sterling crimson rose, buds gently renewing in birth; rebirth;
Through the gazing light of a passionate touch

Sensual pedals touch like delicate glass; -
waning like the energies of the moon,
Feeling and breathing in her passionate caress; her love
Tides of emotion grace one’s heart, to touch life; unity;
Conceptual energies of vowing memories now recede

Breathing, feeling in anew; a renewal; - the gift of acceptance and love,
Forming clouds gather, letting go of their pain
Midnight rainbows emancipate; in and crimson red;
Deeply touching; feeling the light within

Gathering in the strength; touching the depth;
Depth of a new soul; gift of life
Knowing the boundaries of voices; visions of imminent soul
Connected memories; gifts, emotions stir and breathe

Feeling the passion, a breath of fresh air, a longing for unity;
Prominent memories filter; growing in the depth of a renewal
Thoughts; memories now blend; releasing a freedom
Growing; healing feeling a new gift- a new life!
JamesEric JamesEric
36-40, M
Jul 24, 2012