Million Searching Souls

I wrote this with the sound of a melodic trancy beat in my head... can imagine a distorted bassline creeping in before the drop... crystal voice

When life is shadowed by blackened hopes and tears,

when all you have is nothing but your un-relenting fears,

Know that faith is all you need,

that reason is not far from reach


without your troubles to ponder your mind is never free to wander,

free to dream, drive to achieve...

nothing is to far to reach!

When emptiness is everywhere do not feel alone,

A million souls are searching for a place to call their own.

Find a space to dare to dream and know that life's not what it seems

Never let those feelings stop you shining like a star!

The wonder that beholds you beckons truely from a far...

There is a spark inside you thats just waiting to ignight!

Light the flame, feel it burn and bring you to the light. :)
deborahmichelle deborahmichelle
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 28, 2012

No problem, its nothing compared to what you are doing here, motivating people :)

This is such a motivating poem, you have done an amazing job with this my friend. Whenever you see anyone down make them read this.

you just made me smile thankyou so much <3