Ball Of String - (lyrics)

Thoughts are like a ball of string...
unravell in to anything,
multicolour, black to white,
evil to almighty bright

I slowly wipe away a tear ,
dark thread follows, oh so clear... this tangled web don't seem so nice to me.

Shiver slightly, feel a chill,
life outside looks bleak and still.
Wonder if the sun is guna shine for me today....

Why should you,
have to go through what I do?
My pain intertwines with yours,
tangled web is getting worse!
Why cant I paint my colours,
just for you?

For you Id take on anything...
Id take my thoughts out for a spin,
The northern lights would glisten as we brushed past them in awe.
Maybe the wisps of reflection could unwind our ball just a little?

You didnt ask to tie to me, to be wrapped tight and see what I see.

But our little ball of string will catch the breeze and follow the rainbow one day... so hold tight!

deborahmichelle deborahmichelle
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 28, 2012

SO true what you say about thoughts, that 4 line verse is such a good poetic ex<x>pression.

thank you so much :) peace

oh bravo !!