seriously, why are you so outrageously ridiculous?
say you trust but you're filled with suspiciousness
i thought i was clear, i thought it was conspicuous

i hate feeling locked inside of a cage
i become overwhelmed and filled with rage
i'm just too young to be feeling tamed

i'm a free bird baby and i was born to fly
you're a ball and chain that tries to sink my high
you're a big, dark shade that tries to cover my light
the harder you try, the more i shine- brighter

than a rock show illuminated by lighters
lit by desperate dreamers, music-made believers & fighters

maybe i have too much hippy in my blood for you to handle
but i won't allow you to blow the fire out on the wick of my candle

right now i'm clinging to the way it fills the shadows
with the sweet, lemonade colored yellow
and warms me to my core, deeper than my bone marrow

i bask in the chaos when i dance in drunken tears at ten past two
and feel just right when i get philosophically high after i finished my booze
and when my jam comes on i don't need you killing my groove
you're walking-gloom, you decapitate the mood
and when i'm forty, i might actually fall for you
but at twenty, i honestly want to tell you to screw
littleauthorbelle littleauthorbelle
26-30, F
Jul 28, 2012