I Wont Run Any Longer.

whats the point to live a life that is based on lies?
what is the reason that i should try?
where you going to go when i say good bye?
i am done trying to hide who i truly am.
i am going to face myself and i will become stronger.
whats the point on running from myself?
it is time i look in the mirror, dont be a sinner.
whats is the point on pretending nothing is wrong?
who am i trying to be someone else?
i am who i am just accept it.
i will look in the mirror and i will release the real me.
whats the point on locking myself away?
it is time that i set myself free.
looking back at all the pain i ask myself.
what is the reason that i should have to suffer now?
the past is the past it is time to work on my future.
i am done with my fear, i am ending your game.
i will be stronger, i wont let myself feel the blame.
what is the point of me cowering from my life?
why should i act like nothing happened?
who are you to say that i belong to you?
i am my own person.
i will make my own decisions on what i am to do.
why do i need to keep running from my memories?
it is time to let them go and break away from these chains you bound to me.
thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
Aug 2, 2012