Rain drops fall from the clouds
I find the amazing breeze bring them near to me
Falling on my face..soaking me wet
I extend my arms to fill the invisible bowl
I love rain drops that emits earthly smell
Filling my cold hit nostrils

When I cry or when I want to laugh
Rain drops gives me a chance no doubt
I remember the saying that is so popular and true
Those drops i missed to catch amount to how much I miss you

I recall my rides along the trees line up
The falling leaves that made me feel the mood
Rain from clouds once floated above our head
Now its vanishing as absorbed by mother earth
Leaves that shaded me, before the rains
Now are passing every where ..no trace.

Life is also like rain drops from the sky
Sometimes its up high
and others so low in tide
It will vanish one day and form the streams
Then we will wait for it to vaporise and leave
Once again rain drops fall on my head

I am smiling..yes its the best
hotcrossbun hotcrossbun
31-35, F
Aug 6, 2012