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I Am Not A Poet

i am not a poet
for my words can't make u cry,
and they are unable to soar u high
i am not a poet
for my words can't change the soceity,
and they cant yet influence the vareity(used for different persons)
i am not a poet
for my words cant create a sensation,
and they just cannot bring about a revolution
i am not a poet
for my words cannot stop injustice
and they find it hard to preach justice
i am not a poet
for my words cant attack humanity,
and they are just overlooked in humility

But believe me i really want to be a poet
for i want to bring about change
for i want to influence people
for i want to shape our soceity
for i want to reflect our identity

And when i tried ,i found my effort wasted in futile
For our soceity is still so FRAGILE.
darkknight3 darkknight3 22-25, M 4 Responses Aug 9, 2012

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nice should share more to make humanity realize what we badly needed

this was a really good i liked it

thank you

Mmmmmm....I like this one, non-poet. It is heartfelt. And simple. Do write more, non-poet, please.

well thank you :) 2011A ! much appreciated !

I dabble in poetry. Read some of my older stuff, hon. I look forward to more of your creations, poet.

Well this proves you are a amazing poet and caring :)

thank you .. much appreciated ! but not more then you !

Your welcome, you are so humble

takes one to know one :D :) hehe