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Pain I Cause (poem)

Is there a price we should pay for the bruise we leave when we wear our heart on our sleeve?

Do we hurt our mothers? Do we hurt others?

So let me pay the tole for the coldness in my soul

A needle, a knife, a pathetic life

A painful mmoan. ~ forever alone
poetvann poetvann 18-21, F 20 Responses Aug 9, 2012

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well we will find life when we look in the right places


I think ppl like U are WAY too HARD on urselves, & thats why ppl like U are ALWAYS feeling THIS way

Nice and simple yet the emotion showed well great job :)

wow thats pretty good !!

I can relate so much.

awww not anymore im a buddy for life :)


out standing !

lovely poem.

There are days that I want to hear the poet read their poem aloud. This is one of them.

Thank you very much fir your support

Writing, poetry, journals, can be so therepeutic for us, when we wear our heart on our sleeve, it does get hurt at times, pain is part of it but do we stop taking the chance, do we give up? I don't think so. You are not alone in this place or this world, hang in there and hopefully writing, will help you through some difficult times.

To be human. What a blessing and a curse.

nice one

Aww :( *hugs* you're never alone when I'm around. <br />
<br />
Whenever you need to talk, I'm here and all ears.

So sad, I can feel your pain, thanks

This **** is something my meth addicted little sister would say.

these words resembles me! nice one! keep writing!