Sometimes its all I can take before I loose control
sometimes its all I can hanndle until I loose faith to my mind body and soul
sometimes it takes love to bring me back
sometimes that's not even enough given the energy I lack
sometimes I just need my voice to be heard
but sometimes I don't speak up so no one hears a word
sometimes I stumble to my addiction like its my last hope
sometimes I should realize by doing that I walk a tight rope
sometimes I think that rope will snap with all that it must weather
but sometimes within my loved ones I find the strength to thread it back together
sometimes I let others words get to me and I beat myself up about it
But sometimes I know I can't let them win and realize im my worst critic
sometimes I feel like dirt and question my own self worth
then sometimes I remember that I was meant to be a fighter from birth
sometimes a little push is all we need
but sometimes i find that noone else but myself can give me the complete strength to succeed
And then mabye when i can find the will power to believe that i can trust in myself more than sometimes , I can change sometimes to all the time.
poetvann poetvann
22-25, F
5 Responses Aug 11, 2012

This is very good, I enjoyed reading this!

Speechless. My favorite so far!

yes.......... SOMETIMES,<br />
YOU simply FLOW... like this.... ♥

K hun thak you I fixed it :D

on the 7th line, I believe "know" should be "no". other than that, this is a great poem.. really strong and it shows a lot of emotion. keep up the great work (: