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I Write Poetry About Life

I have been writing poetry since I was 15 years old.  I have  lived through unimagable things... and have overcome the obstacles laid in front of me and succeeded for the most part.

I am an abuse survivor, a recovered drug addict, a victim of gang-rape, physical and emotional abuse from a husband.  Being teased mercelessly while growing up because I was overweight. 

But these experiences have made my writing that much better.  I have poetry fans. 

I am writing a new book - an autobiography with poetry interlaced in its pages... I expect it will be a really good seller.

I love to write poetry... I like to post it, and get feedback on whether you like it or hate it, if you think it needs work, what does it need?

I like constructive critism because it makes my work that much better.
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I would still hold you and love you (C)
no matter how you dressed.
no matter who your friends are
I would always be impressed.
By who you were and how you stand
and if you love a woman,
it's ok because it shows
that you are only human.
we love who we love
it is how we feel.
just be sure that the love is real.
Love is such a wonderous thing .
It can also break your heart
if somewhere down the road of life
as lovers you have to part.

I too have been writting since about 15. My mother was a painter and learned how to express herself through her art as people like you and me do with writing. It is different for everyone, hopefully it will be a healthy and positive way to express our feelings, we have to!! we are human for a reason?<br />
I can't wait to read some of your poems and will give you my input. As I hope you will mine!

you have used your experiences and turned them into something positive by being brave enough and strong enough to use them to write and help others, for that alone you should be proud.