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In The Mood

                             I love you baby
                             I love you so much
                             Lets make happiness all over the place

                             I rest in your shadow
                             I feel so high
                             I never felt like that before

                             Give me your hand
                             Lets walk through night
                             I want to make sure that you are mine

                             Lets stars shine
                             It is so bright
                             You make me smile
                             You make me cry

                             I will protect you
                             I won't be shy
                             I always want you to be mine

                             I saw your eyes
                             I know it all
                             It is something what I want

                             I am awaken
                             I feel like fly
                             Only because you are mine

                             Let me be yours
                             Let me try
                             I promise I will never stop to try

Happy universe anniversary for all
Toronto August 13 2012

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 1 Response Aug 13, 2012

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Very beautiful and well written. I always enjoy your writing.