From Bad To Good

the diamonds that shine upon the sheet,
the lights that guide you in the dark,
hope comes form the running stream,
wonders of the world and heart.

the people that pass by and do not see,
the eyes of the soul that was once me,
tears that flood into the oceans,
voices that speak out loud yet still are silent.

the candles that flicker in the room,
the songs that set us to a peaceful sleep,
storming oceans that set to calm waves,
mist fading and sun dawns a new way.

the words and promise that hold no meaning,
the marks that have no reason,
things can be said but are they done,
skies lay grey with no bright sun.

the black rose becomes red,
the hollow shells fill and bring new life,
tears no long fall instead a smile shines,
a hurt child becomes a happy one.
thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2012