A Brief History Of The Universe

A Brief History of the Universe

I. The Creation

From an unmeasured distance
and a period before a time
the patterns of you came circling
a thought: A dream of the divine.

The right reckoned elements
were carefully gathered in view
until the ends of ascent
found an expression in you:

Surfaces spiraled on a straight line
touching, blushing the bonds that refine;

A self-consistent affinity
of ordinary elements and energy;
a soul seeking coherence
and a spirit, sensuous synergy;

The unsaid secrets and certainties stated;
An ensemble of subtleties for which I waited;
A marvelous merger of diversity in time;
A considered collection, that reason can only refine.

And there do I find a love
at peace with a refined view:
The means and the end
within the sight of you.

Formed so fair of undulations unique,
efficient expressions seek the least energy paths,
circling the air centered and sleek;
the subtle use of space - grace as geometric instinct;

The symmetries and purposed means;
The normal mode and merry measure of extremes,
where caressing contours may mesh
and tightly bind the soul in flesh.

II. The Revelation

Of this, I shared a time with you
where care and coincidence joined the two
until, as evolving evidence of eternal mind,
you became the studied standard of the sublime.

I know the perturbations of space and time.
I am trained to search the subtle seams,
by day to uncover the natural design,
and by night to lie down with dreams.

Thus when the measures of elegant expression
are apportioned in ranks of grace,
I know, of heaven's countless creations,
highest of these will be your face.
davidBashful davidBashful
61-65, M
Aug 16, 2012