The sky is dark , the atmospere heavy
Rainclouds looming above, gathering in size
The thunder roars, it's so loud you can feel it shake the earth
Lightning bolts flash across the sky, brighter than the sun
One little boy watches, in awe, from the window, slightly afraid
Not wanting to move incase he misses it
Again and again the flashes come, the sky ablaze with natures fury
The rain falling so heavily the roads are like rivers
The noise of it all is deafening
The boy mesmerized , transfixed to one spot, shouting in excitment
All fear gone as he witnesses his first storm
tigermoth1234 tigermoth1234
41-45, M
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the wonders of nature, through the eyes of a child...beautiful!

Thank you so much

I love this because the imsgery is all there. I love storms.

Thanks for reading , now my son loves them too

I love stuff like this because you can pass it on to someone who is scared of something so beautiful yet terrifying.

Nature is so full of beauty, Whether it is a storm or a spiders web covered in dew
we just need to look the spider being terrifying to some in my family

maybe if you write something about the beauty of spiders you could turn peoples aracnidphobia around

Maybe never thought of that lol

Well ya gotta put good writing yo use! :)

Would incy wincy spider do the trick :-))

Heck yes! Good thinking Tiger! lol

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I love your desc<x>ription of the storm through the eyes of the brave little boy...

Thanks, He never experienced anything like that before, but can't wait till the next one, maybe we will stand in the rain as it happens with wellies and brollies

Excuse my ignorance of English, but I am from the States... what are welllies and brollies?

Sorry they are wellingtonboots and umberellas

beautiful :)

Thank you , you should have seen his face .