Roses Are Dead

Roses are dead, violets won't bloom.
Thoughts swimming in my head, my eyes wonder are around the room.

A bottle of pain killers lie on the floor.
I take a few, I take some more

No,I don't dream in color unless its blood red.
mabye if I don't make a sound they will think that im dead

And if I never speak a word they can forget I exist.
I've been searching and scrambling but still can't find any happiness

I drown in my own own sorrow
******* pitty myself like theres no tomorrow

Stoppit! Get a grip!
I try and itry but I slip

So roses are dead, and violents wont bloom.
then I wake up another day, get out of bed and walk out of my room.
poetvann poetvann
22-25, F
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We love the darkness so much being in depro,<br />
We might as well face it in real life too...<br />
If we like the filthy and dirty darknesss...<br />
Then why not go out there and touch some more of it...<br />


You're actually very talented. I've done a little writing. I know the basics but I really haven't been trained at higher than a college sophomore level. If you want I could give you some tips though.

The gothmother approves

Ik its just something crappy I whipped up real quick