About Me.Using Kenning

Im the singer of songs, Sister of the warrior, Daughter of the nothing, And friend of the loyal. I want to teach minds of early age, And take care of the ones that need a place. I am the kindest of the kind, My heart is open for those in need, My hands are here for me to help, And my shoulder is here for someone to cry. I have fed the hungry, Clothed the poor, And helped the ones that can't help themselves. I will graduate the grades 1-12, Go to a school higher then this one, Gain experience with the path I chose, Climb to the mountain peak of accomplishment, And open my arms to the wind of success. I am Taylor the thinker of thoughts, And the crosser of broken bridges....
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2 Responses Aug 25, 2012

reminds me of the outsider by HP Lovecraft.... this style of peotry in the part of England I grew up in was called beat poetry. your good at it hun

I wish i could write like that, Love it :) :)