I Am Yours

I sit and watch..
Close my eyes and feel..
so much more than my words..
Could ever reveal...

The caress of the wind..
as it tussles my hair..
sings its song to my heart..
shows me how much you care..

The warmth of the sun..
as it shines down on my face..
fill me with joy..
Wraps around in an embrace..

The rain falling to the earth..
Such a glorious sound..
Washes away all my troubles..
lifts my spirit when im down..

As i witness the wonders..
of everything that life is..
i find peace..love and joy..
In all that you so lovingly give..

From the symphony of the ocean..
With the crashing of its waves..
I can feel your almighty presence..
In your hands i am safe..

For you knew my name..
Long before i was born..
And before then you loved me..
like all that is creation...
I'm yours
somethingspecial1 somethingspecial1
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 27, 2012

Whoa. You have such a unique talent. The way you draw the reader in to feel like a part of your poem is done with beautiful elegance. My mind is blown away by what you wrote here. (Guess that makes us even.) Definitely a masterful gift you wield!

Thank you ^_^ i love to write and im glad you liked it

your all His...