Superman’s Bitchin’

These are the skies
were superman flies
A single bound
to the ground
With Clark Kent eyes

Whip sawed
And Whack- A –Moled
All the kryptonite
He can hold
One more breach
Another Crispin’s Day
Hope and pray
Too fast in the rain
Skid and spray
It don’t matter
(Warning: Zen like refutation of slings and arrows eventually leads to muscle fatigue and mental repetitive stress injuries and the occasional missed arrow to the heart or rock to the head.)
Is this what happened to Goliath?
Did David really kick his ***,
Or did Goliath just grow weary?
Another kid
Another rock
Another sling
Another outrageous fortune
Made and lost
For Philistines
But not for him
A huge, hairy, Henny Youngman
"Take my head......."

Apologies to: (in order)  Siegel and Shuster & DC Comics, Aaron Fechter of Creative Engineering, Shakespeare- Henry V (acts III & IV)  &  Hamlet (act III), Samuel- chapter 17, and of course, Mr. Youngman (did he ever play that violin? he authored ‘Take My Life, Please’  in 1988, you have to love it!), and my Mother and Father for ending up this way.
Baroquenhorse Baroquenhorse
51-55, M
Sep 5, 2012