My Favourite 5 Poets - #3

Judith Rodriguez, Australia, contemporary.

Born in Perth but grew up in my home town where she graduated BA. Followed this with a Cambridge MA. After jobs as poetry editor she taught at 2 Melbourne Universities for a number of years.

For me, her standout writing comes from the Mudcrab at Gambaro's series. I own the book and read it from time to time for the sheer joy and exhuberance it brings out in the words spoken aloud.

Maybe you have to know subtropical coastal Australia and the unadulteratedly splendid flavours of mudcrab, the social merriment engaged in their eating, to appreciate the good times, the well being, the pleasures, she evokes in her words.

She creates a world wherein the divine or the magnificent are not given exclamatory descriptors such as "brilliant" or "cool", but are intoned as MUDCRAB!

It's so humorous, so evocative. Mudcrab!
61-65, M
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

i love your favorite poets posts. some i've read and others not. i shall look into Rodriguez. <br />
<br />
have you ever read Zbigniew Herbert? i love "Prayer of the Traveler Mr Cogito, "Lord I thank You for creating the world beautiful and various and for allowing me in Your fathomless goodness to visit places which were not the sites of my daily torments..."

OK thanks. No I have not heard of Herbert.