The Beauty In You

Nothing in the World is more beautiful than You,
Of all the Roses, Cannas and Calla Lilies,
You still hold so much beauty.
Your personality, that individual sparkle
Resonates with a light, a light of hope.
In a dark place, you are a bright, glorious light.
The sharing of your experiences is a beacon
To let others know that they are not alone.
You are more precious than all the jewels combined.
Just your smile brings joy to those around you.
You may feel like a little wooden boat,
In a vast ocean, treacherous and unkind.
But you, little boat have a heart of gold,
Radiating with such warmth, such determination,
That you shall survive the storm, and if you need help
Just say the word, and you will light up like the Sun,
And we will flock to your rescue
Because You are precious, worth more than all the jewels of the Ocean.
Nothing in the World is more beautiful than You,
All the Roses, Cannas and Calla Lilies in the world,
Cannot be compared to You, because are special and beautiful.

xXc93Xx xXc93Xx
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 6, 2012

That was beautiful written =)

Thankyou :) Hopefully this will make someone smile when they read it