For Him I Would Take The Pain

these tears that fall,
why do they drop,
emotions unknown,
confusion ripping my mind apart,
my soul it bleeds,
my heart it pains,
his hurt,
i cry out in vain,
his pain,
it is so sad,
i feel his hurt,
his ill thoughts,
i listen to his mind,
bringing me a thousand tears each word,
alone is how he feels,
alone is how i feel,
must his pain bring me pain,
why do i feel like this,
like the ice i have is melting,
he cries i see it,
his words are coated in pain,
why do i feel like this,
why do i want to take his pain,
i feel his hurt,
i cry out for his touch,
where is my love,
why does he hurt,
my tears lay red,
my skin has lines,
his soul is scarred,
i wish his pain was not his,
i wish his hurt was eased,
one day i will take it all,
one day all his pain will only be mine.
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self esteem brings them