My tortured soul
begins to bleed
the daggers you
left in my heart
twist and turn.
The flame I
once thought
was warming
now only burns.
You were always
who you were
I chose
to see what
I thought
was your good
You never came
down off
your pedestal.
I just fell
crashing with
love's bitter
BrokenFairytale BrokenFairytale
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Daggers that feel like a blender<br />
You want to return to sender<br />
That so called "king" only brought sting<br />
And, now you see this is a pretender<br />
<br />
The ocean of flames swarm your brain<br />
As reality settles in to remind that you are awake<br />
Oh, how the pains you wish would go away<br />
But, know, you are not alone as others can relate<br />
<br />
I have been here before with my own "it has happened" stance<br />
However, it appears what they wanted was behind my pants<br />
Everything appeared to be complete, but at a stance<br />
Romance became blinded as I enhanced more than a second chance<br />
<br />
Disaster eventually would strike<br />
As I opened my eyes to realize<br />
A world I had hoped in was broken<br />
Then, I did not know how to be alive<br />
<br />
Everything was taken and forsaken<br />
Like it should never have made a place<br />
In this world blown apart, forever shaken<br />
Though, I was the one to taste my bitter disgrace.....

I feel these words like my own.Thank you for sharing with me.Everything taken and foresaken that line just rips into my soul.