8 Letters (i Love You)

(Written for my soul-mate, where ever he may be.)

Of all the ways to show you
Draw you, paint you
I decided to write you.

Affection is a feeling toward you
Laying and image of words before you
I would die soulfully if I was to lose you
Because I would give my all to be near you
Trust is something I have in you
While beautiful describes you

Can I imagine my life without you?
Rebel against all others to stay with you
My pleasure is mixed with deep romantic feelings that intensify and rises every minute for you
My sight is aroused when I see you

And my brain approves what my heart feels.
They both are in unison when it comes to you.
So if I could use just 8 letters to sum up my feelings for you,
They would definitely be “I Love You”
Celeste904 Celeste904
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 7, 2012