The day approaches,
the moment of truth,
and I am scared.

Things could go wonderfully...
or horribly,
and I am scared.

What power you hold
over my life.
Don't betray my trust.

Always kind, always warm...
have you changed?
I am scared.

Even now I am not worthy,
I doubt you,
because I doubt me.

Hurt and pain have ever been
my companions.
Will this time prove wrong?

Please, even if you don't want
to be friends,
please be kind.

You could so easily destroy me,
if you chose.
Don't choose to, please.

Having rescued me from self-destruction,
if you let go, if you push me away,
I am lost.

Please don't push me away.

At least be kind if you must do so,
be gentle
I am fragile.
lonelyheart807 lonelyheart807
46-50, F
2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

WoW...i'm so glad i came to read this poem by you it's deep, very expressive and meaningful...i really enjoyed reading have great writing skills, have you ever had any of your poems published, because your really good...i enjoyed it thanks for sharing it...:)

Thanks, but no, I've never published anything...

You're welcome i will check out some more of your poems soon too.

Read "Need some help here..." next. It is the next chronologically ordered one. This poem was before I went to talk to someone...the next poem was afterwards...

Oh, sorry..."Once again" would be next, then "Need some help here..."

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To face fear makes us human. To embrace fear makes us brave. To Chase after fear makes us daring and adventurous. Fear can either be realized as that which cripples us or it can be a challenge that inspires us to go above and beyond to obtain our greatest potential. To confront fear, we must challenge ourselves to take whatever actions are necessary to overcome those obstacles which threaten to hold us paralyzed in doing nothing at all.