You Won't Win

You torture me with your words..
Ensnare me in your web of lies..
you rip away my growing hope...
Cut off my wings...
Won't let me fly.

You try to kill my budding dreams...
it sickens you to see me smile..
You want so badly to crush my soul..
to suffocate my inner child..

And though you want so desperately..
To see me crying on the floor..
That day for you will never come..
You'll never break me..
of that be sure..

For every dream you've tried to kill..
ten more rise up to take its place..
And i'll keep pushing through this fight...
my joy from me you'll never take..

Regardless of your negative words...
i'll keep on climbing to the top..
And you can try to pull me down..
I'll just keep dreaming..
i'll never stop.
somethingspecial1 somethingspecial1
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

very nice. strong intelligent women rock! don't let ANYONE trample on your dreams or aspirations.

it reminds me of a worship song.. the verse is "no fear can hold me down. no darkness steal my joy"... i your poem