True Find

I have met so many women, some with model looks. Others were so very bright, had knowledge found in books.

So many times a woman has stood out from the crowd. Hanging on my arm, she really made me proud.

But over the years as time has passed, I've come to understand. Most of those relationships, did not work as planned.

But now that I am older, and somewhat more mature. I have a greater understanding, of what it takes to endure .

And while a pretty face may tempt me, just like in the past. I now look for something deeper, something that will last.

Though many a beauty has passed on through, like members of a passing parade. I now long for that beauty, something that won't fade.

Because smarts and a pretty face, may make a wonderful start. But for a lasting finish, one has to look at the heart.

To find a love that will truly last, through both thick and thin. One that will survive the good and the bad, it comes from deep within.

For when you meet that certain someone, whose heart is loving and kind. And experience a love so deep and true, that love is truly a find.
Bretley Bretley
22-25, M
Sep 9, 2012