Discarded Footprints

My life is an empty shell craving to be filled with something that's just out of my reach of reality. I live more in my thoughts and fantasies then the real world. It seems I'm stuck in a room with one window. I just sit and watch the world and the people I know go about their lives wishing I was in their shoes, of being in on the joke, to be able to share a laugh or a smile, a look full of secrets. To follow in their discarded footprints and seek what they've learned in their journey. To fill my shell with their knowledege, to erupt in the euphoria of ecstasy of the moment of peace. Fill the light touch of the morning sun on my face. Having the feeling of knowingthe effects of love, to be care for by another human begin, to share my own insight of things. And just maybe I could leave my own discarded footprints for someone else whose wrapped in a cloak of sorrow and longing to follow, to share my laugh, to be in on the joke, to create their own journey and leave more discarded footprints...
DarkAngel0309 DarkAngel0309
26-30, F
Sep 10, 2012