Dear No One(darling)

I thought of you today when the sun showed it's wonderful shining face on the people who'll may not be worthy of it. But enough of that... I thought of your smile that holds so many secrets and when I think of that, your laugh always comes to mind too. There's always a satisfaction in me, in hearing the deep husky sound escaping you when you think no one is noticing. Or when you your eyes light up with mistchief like your the only one who knows the punch line. The way your falls over your lefted eye and no matter how you flick or run your hands through it always ends right back in it's rightful resting place and gives you that sence of mystery. Do people ever see you the way I do? Do they see when your eyes light up with astonishment when your plans come together the way you wanted it to. Or the way the you bite the corner of your bottom lip when your nervous or trying to figure something out? When you have that air about you that you could care less about the world and the people around you. But you and I know better.. I know you like I know the back of my hand. You're more than you show the world or care to admit to yourself. You just want to be loved, cared, and longed for like everyone else in the world. But you being who you are, you pretend otherwise. It's okay to want something that seems unreachable. It's okay to want to be apart of someone's happiness to share and grow with one another. We all want it and some have it. You happen not to be apart of that but Oh how you do wish you were deep down. Darling I know... I love, long, and care for you from a far, in secret. I watch and I learn and want you for myself but sadly I know it will not be. Darling show the world and the people around you what I see the person that you've buried deep down, give them your laugh, let them bath in the ecstasy of your smile, let them in on the mistchief you carry around with you. My darling let them love you and for you as I do from a far....
Sincerely, INVISIBLE
DarkAngel0309 DarkAngel0309
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

That was beautiful.. reminds me of myself and the one I love.

beautiful writing ;)

thank you very much