All Of My Poems Well I Guess Thats What They Are

Not there to see me cry. Not there to hear my plea. Not there to feel my death. Broken hearted till the end.

I didn't realize I needed you , until it was to late. Now I see you in my dreams ,haunting ,haunting death never close it seems.

You didn't know I needed you? How could you not see! You selfish fool you have forgotten me.

It's all just a game ,why didn't I see, you leaving me alone, its really getting to me.

Can't you see me through this fog and haze.
An enchanted dreamer, caught dead in your maze.

I don't need you,so why do I try,I don't need you,I can't tell you goodbye.

Tears tuning down your solemn face you tell me youwant me that you love me but I can wait

My bleeding heart won't heal , you ask me questions, I won't reveal.

Love is dead it has gone it has past the contrast between black and white all gone gray with words of strife.

WingHeart WingHeart
13-15, F
Sep 10, 2012