Shadows pushing odd angles
in rivulets of flickering candlelight
as my throat draws sludgy air
too thick to breathe
into sacks of hardening dust.

Silence screams epithets
echoing within halls
hollowed out and emptied
by years of accumulated numbness
and desolate desire.

Laughter died on lips accustomed
to softer pursuits
now set in a desert
landscape barren and rigidly disciplined
by merciless elements.

Softness baked in the kiln
of accumulated regret
hardens to the consistency of cold marble
set upon the mantle
with black eyes piercing
a soul without remorse.
ReturnedToLife ReturnedToLife
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

As always.... Im impressed :) you have a really good array of wordplay and a vast diversity within it. Thank you for sharing and .... Write More! -w (^_^)

You're too kind, thank you! And I do plan to write more, inspired by a muse.