Storms And Life

Darkest night captures me with frights
Thunder booms and I am consumed
I fail in flight to flickering lights
Appearance dooms as now I am confused

What to do here; what happens next?
Every notion to fear pounds within my chest
Is this air clear; what is there to expect?
A tornado could be near to unravel my rest

This weather is uncertain to draw the curtain
Admitting without quitting, so am I
Beneath lays a purpose under noble surface
Tis so fitting to remind me I am living, as I open eyes

It is not peaceful, nor is it serene
And that is why I want to flee this scene
Would it not be better if this all were a dream?
I ask myself, as reality stares back at me.

Going through the storms of life is never easy.
But, at least they are reminders that I am still breathing.
fieryleo fieryleo
31-35, M
3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I really enjoy the lyrics and the internal rhyme scheme in this poem, and it also has a good message to which everyone can relate. The third stanza threw me off a little though, especially on its last line.

The storms, whether they are life related or weather induced, have a tendency to be unclear or confusing in drawing a conclusion of what will take place or happen. Yet, those storms still occur. Storms never quit and neither will I while experiencing them. There is a reason for everything that takes place, and beyond that, I choose to remain honest and gentle, even though the storms are not so kind in return. The storms of life and nature are a reminder that I am still living, as I get to witness them with the realization that these are part of living and breathing air. P.S. hope I clarified things for you in a way you now understand. Apologies for it being cryptic in any way, and thank u for all of your input as well as encouraging comments.

I understand the meaning. The only reason I say that line threw me off is because the meter and rhyme of that specific line are inconsistent to that of the rest of the poem.

I appreciate ur feedback a great deal. Though, I feel it is meant to be that way due to the unpredictability of storms. Maybe, attempt reading it again with a different mindset, knowing life will never give you what you expect. :)

Hmmm...good point. I suppose a poem about storms should sound a bit "stormy."

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I love wild weather..but the storms of life suck

All your poems are so good

Thank u so much for ur comment. It is extremely appreciated. Any insights on how these could get published?

I have no idea. I tried YouTube, but I only get around 40 views. You could try that. Or make a book, lamanate it, get a sturdy cover, and see if you can make a deal with a small local store.

Two of my favorite poetry sharing sites are and