What do I do

Thinking non stop, non stop thoughts bursting.

Stupid things, pathetic ways but i still cant stop thinking.


Shut up shut up shut up.

No one wants to hear you, i am sick of your voice

You dont speak aloud, but i hear you.

I have no choice.

Your thoughts are mine.

Your so angry so sad.

Shut up shut up shut up

You are making me mad.

You dont want to bleed, stop thinking like this. Think about love and life, think about anything.

Because i have to hear it all.

If you be quiet and just help yourself, dive into this mind and pull yourself up.

You are pathetic,

I am so strong.

You are so weak.

Ive known for so long.

Stop crying little girl, keep peace with your heart.

Theres nothings wrong with you, you are sane, you are happy.

So why the tears?

You confuse me young girl you make me so mad.

All because i cannot work out exactly why you're sad.
Bestbefore Bestbefore
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Sadness is an afflict that soils the core and spoils the roots. The moistened ground bares no strength viable enough to support and stabilize the spirit. As the wind rocks the very fabric of sanity and sociability...weight gives way...
And it all comes tumbling down...
Only the truly strong know how to stand back up.

Fight your fight Ms,
Be resilient.
It starts with loving yourself first...before you can love someone else.