Someday The Floodgates May Open

Someday the flood gates may open,
Dark seething anger rushing to lay waste,
The sunlit monuments of love’s creation,
A beauty fit to behold, but bitter to taste,
An asphyxiated existence resorting to violence,
In realms encumbered by hopeless indignation,
Turbulence of a broken spirit refusing to abate,

But not today,

For the dam still can hold many moments,
Defiled, debased and berated with persistence,
Scrutinized acts of freedom, yearning for existence,
Ill received, ill-treated, oppressed in punishments,
Wasted in efforts to answer question of impudence,
Left to mellow and ferment in stacks of madness,
Till the stink overruns reason and turns the spirit blind,
and injured hands claw away the surface of every day,

Someday the floodgates may open,
But not today,
cherrytaught cherrytaught
26-30, M
Sep 14, 2012