Slide On Concrete

down in the deep end
the lace and the floral print
up in the rafters
the heat of the day.
body forgets you
it thrives on this sentiment
as over and over i'm born from the pain.
i'm over your shoulder reborn in the rain.

slide on the concrete
it breaks like a frozen wave
grating the last nerve
like those without sin.
tar on a thatched roof
in sway to a living flame
as down in the deep end i lay prone and then
i'm under your finger on fire again.

slow on the uptake
they'll kill you for fifty cents
making the crystal
and food for the brain.
courtney comes to me
she smiles with her ruby lips
as i hear her singing the song of the light.
i can't see her pupils white eyes open wide.

hold my head up
before i go out.
keep me awake
and set me alight.
i can't sleep when i am this frustrated.
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Sep 15, 2012