The Seasons

Spring is great
Without the white picket gate
and then comes the rain
that brings no real pain
Summer is fun
when you play in the sun
then you swim in the pool
now isn't that cool
Fall is a blast
but the fun never lasts
and the leaves are all crunchy
but not all that munchy
the winter is cold
but saying that gets old
So I play in the snow while my friends put on a show
while my friends put on a show
From Spring to Winter
You can get a splinter
But don't you dare cry
because for that you will die
you must live on the edge
and jump off the ledge
high above the water
while others are at home watching harry potter
when you believe in yourself
and not the annoying elf
for sure you will find
that you are no longer blind
and your world is in focus
for the magical hocus pocus
that make up the land
from the sun to the sand
RNPsunshine RNPsunshine
13-15, F
Sep 15, 2012