Tomorrow Never Comes...

the love that we thought was real

is shallow

the happiness we feel

is hollow

what made us feel alive inside

has turned to sorrow

where is the love of our life

that fits tomorrow?

I wonder....

as I wish for booming thunder

and awesome waves to pull me under

and take me back to yesterday

where passions storm gave rise to play

where smiles gave us swells of pride

and everyday we enjoyed the ride

because our love was real and strong

our love for life was never wrong

our passions voice was revealed

in our love song

no my sweet baby you were never wrong

you gave me heart songs to sing and then

your sweet soft kisses filled my pen

with words and sonnets come alive

my love for you will forever survive

until faded pages lost to history

bring love back alive to fuel life's mystery

our hearts will leap and beat like drums

as we await the sweet tomorrow that never comes...



TeslasTemptress TeslasTemptress
46-50, F
Sep 16, 2012