My heart
It needs a jumpstart
an adrenaline rush
that won't go and crush
my dreams
and it seems
that when you work hard but play the wrong card
you'll want to be gone
because the pain will go on and on
I don't want to hope
and have the urge to wrap rope
around my neck
Now what the heck
does the world have for me
other then pain and the unreachable tree
that I want to climb
but I don't have the time
My family takes all of my energy
and won't let me be their prodigy
My pain
It brings rain
into my life
and it makes me look for a burning knife
that can go through me
like one, two, three
Please, I need someone to care
so pleas sit on this chair
right next to my heart
and give it a jumpstart
RNPsunshine RNPsunshine
13-15, F
Sep 16, 2012