A Rapper Can Be A Poet Too

Looking at this life, straight in the eye, asking it why, why he likes to see us cry. How many ways can we die, 'cause I'm dying inside, waiting to revive barely holding on to life. I wanna let go, but I don't wanna die, this weed can keep me high but before long I'm back alive. So I'm sitting alone, looking for a home, a place where I'm known where the real me is shown. Sitting in the dark waiting for the sun to shine, so that light can become mine & I can finally feel fine. I'm sick of all these lies, they're the same old lines, but underneath are cries, cries calling for help, but we don't wanna listen 'cause we got problems ourself, problems we can't solve so we continue to stall by smiling but behind walls we're crying about it all, tell me I'm wrong

-Verse 1 to one of my songs (:
CocineroJerfey CocineroJerfey
18-21, M
Sep 16, 2012