A Mate

A mate so graceful standing there,the touch of his fur feels so light as I embrace his scent of sandlewood & trees,in the moonlight we howl together our voices intertwined,our eyes full of love & adventure,the brush of your tounge on my fur.The next day I await you,your running through the forest,but only to come back when you hear my longing cry,for the world without you,would h atave no meaning at all,you are my everything,my world of wonder,adventure & the greatest thing of all you.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
4 Responses Sep 16, 2012

My story is almost true,I think I found the 1,all I have to do is see if he likes me :D I'm so happy!

Who is it?

I'm not telling....

so poetic...
In time the right one will come and your story come true.

I wrote this cause id love for it to be true,I'm still looking :)

*sigh* if only...

You'll find that special someone soon :)

*scoff* right.